Silk Rugs Are True Pieces of Art

Skilled cleaning and repair for your silk and area rug cleaning, needs in Chelsea and NYC. Green products, Same day service, 100% guarantee on every job.

Most fabric experts will tell you that if you’re looking for the best material for a rug, choose silk. It’s a delicate yet fine material, extremely durable and stands the test of time. The design of any silk rug is extraordinarily intricate - with their geometrical patterns and high-knot weaves, they have a shimmer to them that no other material can replicate. And whether your rug hails from India, Persia, Afghanistan or China, you can be sure it was made over hours of toil.

Here at NYC Silk Rug Cleaning, we have the know how and years of experience to work with all different kinds of silk rugs. Our professionals are experts in their work and with their eye for detail and dedication to their craft, they can find ways to clean away stains, repair holes and restore them to the point they may return to you unrecognizable.

Cleaning & Repairing Silk Rugs is our Business

A silk rug should last for decades, even up to a century, if you look after it well. But even with lots of care, there will come a point where it needs some love and attention. We strongly recommend having this done by a professional - only people trained in silk really know how delicate a material it is and what needs to be worked on.

We understand that every silk rug - whether an heirloom, financial investment, or personalgift - is unique and therefore needs unique treatment. Trust us - whether your rug is a silk Tabriz or Tribal Serab, or instead a Native American Weave or synthetic piece, we will look after it carefully. You can trust us - we have a reputation for professionalism and dedication throughout Chelsea and Clinton.

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Our Silk Rug Cleaning Process

We offer a service which includes the following processes: inspection, deep vacuuming then a gentle conditioning spot and stain pre-treatment. Only then will we set about cleaning your silk rug.

Using brushes with the softest material, and green products, we will gently massage the fibers of the silk, removing soil and dirt particles. As grime, dust and stains fall away, the material should recover its sheen and luster. We do not use water when cleaning these pieces - we think hand-cleaning is the only way to clean a silk rug as the fibers are so delicate.

NYC Silk Rug Cleaning

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